About Our Safety Town

The Safety Town concept is not new. It started over 70 years ago as a pedestrian safety program. Over the years it has expanded to include more current safety issues. Today there are Safety Town programs all across the United States.

Each day at safety town has a different theme. Each theme has its own lesson plan, books and movies that help the children learn in a way they can relate to and understand. The children learn songs that help them remember their new safety tips. Role-playing and crafts help reinforce what they are taught in class. Every child is encouraged to learn their name, address and phone number.

Everyday we send home a daily summary of our safety lessons so the parents will know what we taught the children. We ask them to take the time to reinforce the lessons at home. It is a good idea to demonstrate when possible and not just talk about the lessons. For instance, when you go into a big store, talk about what the child should do if you got seperated. Point out who would be a good person to turn to for help.

Some of the safety topics we cover include: pedestrian, car passenger, bicycle, school bus, water, tricky people, guns, fire, home safety, railroad, dog bit prevention and calling the emergency 911.

The children take turns being motorist and pedestrians in a child-size town complete with buildings, cars with seatbelts and a working traffic light. They meet a real law enforcement officer and firefighter who reinforce lessons on fire safety and what to do if you get lost. The children receive an inside view of an ambulance and a school bus. All of these safety concepts include songs, crafts and movies everyday.

The children also bring home some very special safety town mementos— a Safety Town t shirt, an ID packet (provided by the Pulaski County Sherrif's office)that can be filled out and used in an emergency, a bicycle helmet and a music CD (with 22 safety songs) that was written and produced by Brian Kinnder and donated by the McMath, Woods Law Firm.

The children have a great time learning some very “grown-up” safety lessons. Our hope is that this experience will help them be safer in the future.

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