Safety Town Parents


What do you need to know?
Applications for 2019 Safety Town will be accepted starting Feb 1. We regret that we have limited space at Safety Town so please send your application in as soon as possible.  We can accept credit cards online through paypal or you can mail a check to PO Box 7681, Little Rock, AR 72217.
You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail a few weeks before Safety Town begins to let you know what class your child will be in. We place children according to where they will be attending kindergarten in the fall. No changes will be made once class assignments have been done. A map of the school showing the location of classrooms and the drop off area will be enclosed with the confirmation letter.
Dates – JUNE 3 - 7 at Pulaski Academy or June 17 - 21 at Episcopal Collegiate School
Time – 9:00 – 11:45 (Please do not drop off the children before 8:45)
Snacks: If your child has food allergies, please consider sending the child to Safety Town with his/her own snack. Our snacks are peanut allergy safe.
Attire: Comfortable play clothes, but we would appreciate shoes that are attached to the feet – crocks and flip flops end up everywhere!  We ask that the children wear their Safety Town
T-shirt on graduation day.
Please help your child learn their name, address and phone numberLook at the address label on your confirmation letter and call 663-5711 or email to make any corrections or changes. 
Information: We will send home a sheet everyday that tells you what we covered so you can reinforce at home.
Drop-off & Pick-up  -  On the first day of the session, please take your child to the classroom so you will know the  location.  After the first day, it is easier for the children and for us if you do not get out of your car at all, but utilize the drop off area.  Starting no earlier than 8:45 a.m.  a teen volunteer will assist each child out of the car and guide him/her to the classroom. To pick up your child, you need to park and come to his/her classroom each day at 11:45 a.m.  The children are doing many different activities and are not always back in their room until 11:40 .
We will allow your child to be picked up by someone other than you ONLY IF THE TEACHER HAS A NOTE FROM YOU FOR THAT DAY. This is safer and less confusing for all of us including the children.
Graduation will be at 11:30 on JUNE 7th or June 21st. It will last about 20 minutes. 

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