Volunteer For Safety Town

 All volunteers over 18 must have a back ground check that we will supply and pay for.

Since 1984, Safety Town has been an all volunteer program. We simply could not do what we do without the adults and teens who give so generously of their time to insure your children have a great learning experience.

Adult volunteers may be teachers in the classroom. They are responsible for reinforcing the lesson plan for the day. All supplies and schedules are ready for the volunteer before the first day of class. We also have adults that volunteer on the town, help with snacks, music and other operational needs. We can find a spot for you!  Many teachers volunteer the year their 5 year old attends the Safety Town program. We do not offer child care for younger siblings, but an older child may come and "help". For more info please contact Wendy Saer 501-663-5711 or casafetytown@gmail.com

Junior volunteers 12 and over are the backbone of this program. They are instrumental in helping the children learn their safety lessons and have fun. Many of our teens have been with us for five years. This is an excellent way to complete community service hours that so many schools require. To be accepted, a teen must submit an application each year along with a letter of recommendation their first year. Space is limited.

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